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Location Australia
Introduction I am 30 years striving. my family is my hearts joy. my motto is, "Tremendously, we walk."
Interests my fav colour is soft pink, melts my used to be orange cos i thought it underappreciated. i think its a hard thing, to walk each day with courage & Choose The Right, but oh so rewarding when we get it right! im particularly fond of late night black n white movies, an acquired taste methinks :) i love dew on the grass at dawn, riding 'The Claw' at dreamworld! scary fun! terrified of heights, even the ferris wheel, just realized that 2 years ago. embroidered cushions, frilly hats, & all things tres pretty are tres beautiful 2 me! i love watching the iron chef, grand designs reno shows. i always wanted to be a wife & mother, thats all. i believe children are tomorrows heros i think the temple the most beautiful & serene place on earth. a gift of heaven! i honour President Monson, how dear he is! how wonderfully he works to care for all about him, all who cross his path...& asks us to do likewise. i think we should love as the Saviour taught us, patient kind, full of hope & tender intentions of the most sincere & diligent love i think too often, we underestimate our own potential. i made a doll! & some teddy bears! & painted a picture. i love my family most muchly!!!
Favorite Movies Pride & Prejudice, emma, sense & sensibility{how brilliant was jane austen!}war & peace, the quiet man, sabrina{oldies but grandies!} lassie, flicka, duma{courage, always inner strength!}, Australia, four feathers, last of the mohicans, the guardian{for the blokes}, raising helen, autumn in new york, a little princess{for their beauty}, the secret garden, some others that evade me at present :)
Favorite Music music!!! live music, sacred music, random songs, bits of everything, i really love the jazz trumpet, i always wanted to go to the new orleans music festival
Favorite Books venezia food & dreams by tessa kiros{o the photography!!}, think pink by tricia guild{stunning flower arrangements!}, london through a lens, artists journals & sketchbooks by lynne perrella, david copperfield{charles dickens is always a phenominal read} jane eye{straight to the heart!} pride & prejudice, the classics, its hard to find a good read these days it seems, i used to read till my eyes wore out

If you could peer far enough into the night sky, you'd see a star in any direction you looked. When would you sleep?

I generated a random question & what beautiful imagery, i got far my answers, i could sleep always, feeling safe in the gentle beams of light. i could never sleep with so much twinkling brightly on every horizon. i would gaze dreamily until my eyelids shut on me, then slumber thoughtfully upon it...