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Occupation Soulmates
Location Inglewood, Taranaki, New Zealand
Introduction Caz: I'm a SAHM which I do love as I get to spend quality time with my little princess. Lucy goes to nursery 3 mornings a week and during that time I go to the gym, catch up on my soaps or just chill(though to be honest i normally end up doing the housework, I just can leave it alone lol). I love spending the evenings with my fab family, we love to just chill out together(normally watching smurfs as lucy wont put it off, thanks for that gaz lol). Can't wait until we move to our new house so we have a cool garden to play in.
Interests Caz, Scrapbooking, reading, body jam, body pump, beach, gardening, cleaning, organising
Favorite Movies Caz: Dirty dancing.Grease, Coctail and pretty woman are my 4 all time favourites i also love Coyoti ugly, Devil wears Prada, Beaches, Evita, mamma mia, I watched Taken last week and i loved it, Along came a spider, I love anything morgan freeman in..I do love a good thriller though and always fancied being a criminalist..Tv wise i love Desperate Housewives, 24, All CSI's, Fringe, Lost and of course Dancing with the stars....I also love a good soap esp Neighbours, Home and Away and East Enders. I also love extreme make over home edition TY you are an awesome guy. Gaz: Goodfellas, Casino, all those gangster mafia films are great. I also love some of the big US series as well. CSI, 24, Prison Break and dare i say it Desperate Housewives lol
Favorite Music Caz: I like all all music though my all time favourite is kylie Minougue who i saw in concert again on July 8th, Me and Fee got right up to front of stage which was great, she was absolutly fantastic and is looking so amazing, hope i look that good at 40!!! Gaz: I definetly favour club music. From house to trance, old skool & hardcore. I do like all other types of music and tend to listen to R&B quite a bit.
Favorite Books Caz: To be honest I will read anything that i am given. I have read every Danielle Steel book, and most of Nora Roberts. I actually just go to the library and if the front page appeals to me 9/10 times I really love it, if i dont get into a book in the 1st page i put it down, life is too short to read something you not that keen on