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Industry Arts
Occupation hairdressing
Location Edmonton AB, Canada
Introduction My name is esra, I live in Canada Edmonton Alberta. I'm 18 years old..started this blog when I was 15. I am a hairdresser, I never chose to be a writer just because you need money to live..but truthfully I do love writing more then any occupation other then writing that I invest my time in. At this very moment it is 2:13am I was just getting some inspiration from all you bloggers out their..with all my time and energy I'm putting into work it has really pushed me away from my writing and has blocked my mind (writers block) a few times..seeing how many views I'm getting I really want to get back to this and really do something about this talent of mine..not all of u will like my style of work..but we all have our own ways of expressing right. Keep an open mind and enjoy!
Interests writing, music, life, psychology, physiology, religion, politics, relationships, helping.people, creation..different world views..different people.."mentally ill individuals"..key question to any related topic..why..?
Favorite Music All kinds..

Why are we who we are..I mean think deeper..why were u born or raised in the family u were in? Or in the physical body of yours..or with a certain belief..or in this world?? You coulda been in any other woman's belly...just sayin....