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Gender MALE
Industry Maritime
Occupation Salty Seaman
Location Steelport, The Veil , United Kingdom
Introduction I'm a witty fucker, a base and vile brabbler; chronically dissatisfied person who rebels against the established system,a gob in the eye of convention.I hung on a wind-rocked tree nine whole nights. A man of action is his own Sun. Correct punctuation and sentence structure is for the weak. My mother was an Ulster bare-knuckle fighter and my father a Scottish Viking. I was born in a coracle in the middle of the Irish Sea, delivered by the sea God Manannan. I am the only Timelord with his own teeth. I'm a Chestnut Tree and proud of it. Winner of the Darwin award 1932, runner-up 1954.Time magazine Person of the Year 2006. I'm a double dipper.A hater. A spoiler. A Blogger without a hat is to be mocked. I'm the playboy of the western world.I'm a sexual compulsive and a dangerous intellect. Banned in Halifax. My heart is black but my body is blue.I discovered Blogjinx©. I've been fisting Lemurs Since 500 A.D.
Interests Hookers, Hate crimes, provoking people with stupid logic. Masturbating to the comments on my blog.
Favorite Movies The French connection, The Italian job, The English Patient, The quiet American, Space whores on Planet Sex.
Favorite Music Anything you can sing along to, no banjo music.
Favorite Books Books Are For The Weak!

If you were a wrestler, what would be your finishing move?

The Money Shot.