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Industry Arts
Occupation creative spirit
Location Tunnel Hill, North Georgia, United States
Introduction I'm usually thinking about or doing something creative and the medium/media seems to be cyclical...sewing, fabric painting, tie-dyeing, acrylic/oil painting on seems that now the cycle has brought me back to working with fabrics. It's easier to 'go with the flow' of what feels creatively right (for me) than to stay with the same thing for a long time. Am I being fickle?? Perhaps whimsical?? Grandmother taught me to redo, repurpose, restore...and don't throw anything away if it can be reused in any way. And the older a thing gets, the more personality it has (I hope that works for me, too). If it breaks/tears/etc, then it's time to give it a new life as something else. Then, of course, all those wonderful fabrics are just waiting for me at the quilt many decisions...
Interests wondering "what if?"
Favorite Movies "National Treasure" (there are things more priceless than money), all the "Die Hard" movies (a regular guy can be a hero), "You've Got Mail" (stick up for your dreams), "A League of Their Own" (being a chick doesn't eliminate you from the big leagues)
Favorite Music New Age, Native American flutes, light classical, easy R&B
Favorite Books "Zen in the Art of Writing" - Ray Bradbury

Chicken monkey shoes?

sailboat brightness --- yea!!