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Location Shah Alam, Malaysia
Introduction Mum of a girl who loves everything of "food"..I also like to collect all bento stuff, everything about bento.Regardless of the usage!! As what i can say is my bento-ing skill improves gradually too, compare with my early bentos which are pretty simple. I still pack simple bentos on "lazy" mornings, which are not shown in this blog. Only those decorated bentos are shared here. The main reason why I started packing food for my girl is she been complainted from 1 of her friend's mum that she eats her friend's food in the school. The reason why I didn't pack for her from the beginning is because she got meal plans in school. Oh! I almost forgot that I did pack for her long time ago even she had meal plan ..why I end up didn't pack for her?? The reason is she ate both the school food and home food together!!!! Wah! Trust me, she gain weight a lot... So I decided to stop packing lunch or snack for her to bring to school..(before the complain) I started my bentoing journey after that ...... (Thank You for dropping by my blog!)
Favorite Books Akiniochigo's books, kareanmama books, e obento books, etc