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Industry Arts
Occupation Photographer
Location Louisville, Kentucky, United States
Introduction I’m not exactly your mainstream momma.I have many proud mommy badges for wounds healed, crisis’s adverted and cookies baked.I left a well suited life to follow my bliss and open my own photography studio.Somehow while doing so I stumbled down the rabbit hole onto parenthood a second time round.With a camera around my neck, paint brush in my pocket, arms wrapped around my babies, husband by my side I delve into life.I love art, design, photography and all the wonderful eccentricities in between.I am not masterfully cool, nor am I bewitchingly elegant. I am an internet junkie, and crafting Jezebel.I'm not small enough to hula hoop a cheerio, nor am I large enough to caste a shadow on the sun. I'm simply me and nothing more.I find laughter an infectious cure for most things life throws our way.I adore party dresses with kitten heels..I love crafts, and making art out of every day discards.Life is too short to not be who you want to be, or go where you want to go. You get one chance, and in the moments you live and breathe you should fill them with joy.So with this all said please enjoy the ramblings and I hope you find some amusement and happy splendor amid my blog.
Interests Life, Spencer, Cedric, Eric, Art, theater, painting, photography, traveling, trying new restaurants, diners, anything vintage, books, decorating my house, movies, autumn, Halloween, Christmas, witches, shoes, flowers, being in love, owning my own business, chatting with friends, shopping, laughing, cuddling with my boys, fashion, crafts, throwing parties, summer
Favorite Movies Check out my other website, http://theurbannestmagazine.com/
Favorite Music Punk, swing, big band, rock, rap, bluegrass, old country (I heart, motown, and the list could go on...
Favorite Books Too many to list...