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Gender MALE
Introduction I'm a Chicano activist and musician that is trying to take care of myself so I can support others. I think self care and mutual aid are important. I realize that to help others I need to be healthy, caring and strong enough to do it! I'm also reclaiming my life as a musician for myself and my children. Music is helping me stay sane! I've also begun writing for La Raza Unida Party at the Bernalillo County La Raza Unida blog.
Interests Health, Revolution, Familia, Music, Exercise, Weight Lifting, Bodybuilding, tattoos, drawing, tattooing, Chicana, Chicano, La Raza Unida
Favorite Movies Malcolm X, The Take, Enter the Dragon, The Fourth World War, Star Wars, The Godfather, Romero, Michael Collins.
Favorite Music Esteban Jordan, Blues, Chicano, Norteñas, Suicidal Tendencies, Jimi Hendrix, Los Garcia Brothers, Funk.
Favorite Books On The Justice of Roosting Chickens, War of the Flea, the writings of Ricardo Flores Magón.

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