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Gender Female
Industry Human Resources
Occupation Child expander for 95% and part time [5%] enrolled in school of parent expansion
Location Jolly Old San Jose, California, United States
Introduction Ex-pat from the UK. Middle aged, bifocaled and technically challenged. My Significant Other and I currently enjoy fragile custody of 3 minors and a major, two girls, two boys, two with blue eyes, two with brown eyes, two with autism, two without.
Interests Everything except exercise
Favorite Movies The Third Man, Little Miss Sunshine
Favorite Music Open to anything except the same piece over and over again without end.
Favorite Books Pervasive Developmental Disorder by Barbara Quinn, Toast by Nigel Slater, Anything by Ruth Rendell, PD James, Robert Sapollsky, Port Out Starboard Home by Michael Quinion, Animals in Translation by Temple Grandin, The Long March by Ed Jocelyn and Andrew McEwen

What would you name your ballet inspired by the sight of children leaping through a garden sprinkler?

No Big Deal [for 1 and 2] Insufficient Sens[ory] Issues [for 3] or Seeking Sens[ory]input [for 3] or Miraculous [for 4]