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Gender MALE
Location Japan
Introduction My name is Andre Bertel. I am a New Zealand born karateka who lives in Oita City (Oita Prefecture, Japan). I've practiced the Shotokan style for many years, spending much time here in Japan, seeking to improve my skills and understanding of authentic Karate-Do. I was a student of the late Asai Tetsuhiko Sensei. While I may never reach a high level in Karate-Do, I endeavour to do my best via daily training. Furthermore, I believe in promoting the true 'traditional Budo Karate' of Japan, which has and continues to be seriously undermined worldwide: especially in the West. I am in deep gratitude for the wonderful friendships I have made worldwide, as an instructor, and as an ongoing student of Karate-Do. Overall, Karate-Do has been my way of life, and is something I live everyday.