My Soul Healing Miracle Journey for Healing Animals

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Location Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Introduction I knew at a young age that my purpose in life was to empower people. Inspired by a deep sense of responsibility I studied to become a healthcare professional and pursued this career for 20 years. All the while, I searched for ways to become a more powerful healer and teacher to It was always important for me to have a holistic approach to healing. When I met Master Sha, I realized what I had been missing in my healing practices was the focus on the soul. All my life I had been searching for the soul secrets, wisdom and knowledge that Master Sha teaches. I had studied many wonderful modalities, but what was missing was the focus on healing the soul first. Master Sha’s teachings have empowered me to help so many experience miraculous results in an amazingly short period of time. Master Sha is the most amazing example of an unconditional universal servant for us all. Master Sha offers so much love, compassion and hope to humanity and all souls. It is such an honour to be able to share Master Sha’s profound wisdom and teachings with humanity at this time of great need.”