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Location New Jersey, United States
Introduction Novelist, Screenwriter, Movie Maker, Newspaper Editor, and High School teacher. I have degrees in Journalism, English & Film. My novel "Life Knows No Bounds" I slated as a book of short stories. But each story took on a life of it's own, so, instead they are 4 novels & 1 short story. Hmmm what else: I'm a mother of 2, sometimes 50. Founder and CEO of a non-profit organization called People Helping People, Inc.; I follow standard English rules, but, am a rebel who often finds it necessary to break rules a lil to explore Creative-Expressionism, (like Emily Dickenson with the {-} in her poetry, which was unheard of in her day, yet we adopt it as a tool today, and put her works in schools around the nation...) I love writing in any form; I’ve about 20 years of business writing experience. I'm also a huge fan of Communication; yes, I have a degree in Communication as well. Writing offers me the means of communicating in a world of people who love to talk and argue; it affords me the ability to be heard without interruption. To this, I love writing, and against all odds, I aim and seek to be a successful and blessed Writer -

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