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Gender Female
Industry Internet
Location Spain
Interests knit, knitting, crochet, yarn, zakka, kawaii, cute, amigurumi
Favorite Movies WishList (to help my swappers): yarn, crafty books & magazines, bamboo needles and hooks, fabric, more yarn, cute little things.
Favorite Books I like to knit, crochet, draw with my wacom and craft in general. ---- I like Bones, Numb3rs, Gilmore Girls, House. Yes, maybe I am a geek, but an awesome one, I promise. ;) ---- I have very ecclectic tastes in music, fashion, and just about anything. I can't settle on any real favorite style of something or pick something that "suits" me. I'm endlessly finding new hobbies and telling myself "this is it! this is what I want to do for the rest of my life!"...only to be bored with it in a few months time and ready to move on to the next new thing. --- I can be a real study in opposites. I'm shy but I crave attention. I want to be known, but I want to hide. I don't make sense. But I like me this way.