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Gender MALE
Location London, United Kingdom
Introduction I was born in London.I started to experiment with drugs at the tender age of 11. My mother was a registered drug addict, and stepfather was a weekend binge drinker. I went to a secondary modern school when I was not stoned or asleep - always sat at the back of the class as it was thought I had learning difficulties and was disruptive. I left school not being able to read and write. A regular user of amphetamines and cannabis which progressed over the years to heroin. By the time I was 21 I was a full time addict and homeless. I begged and stole to feed the habit and by the time I was thirty six I'd been to prison - even when I was released I struggled to keep any accommodation because of drugs. I was 48 when one Christmas I had an epiphany. No plan just a crazy idea and decided enough was enough. I threw the bag of heroin I had just brought into the Thames and has been clean ever since. I have also learned to read and write and have written and produced my own books of poetry. I have also written a children’s book and am now writing a play even though I've has not actually seen one! The day my life changed was the day the Thames got stoned instead of me.
Interests writing poetry, plays, going to the cinema, swimming
Favorite Movies The shawshank redemtion
Favorite Music Eighties soul