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Introduction I am Graham Bobby, a Brit, born in 1960. I married in 2012, acquiring two teenagers to add to my daughter born in 1989 from my former marriage. After working for 28 years for Shell, I took the decision to do very different things in my 50’s so retired in 2010. In my working life, I’ve been lucky enough to see most of Europe, and have lived in Sweden, Norway and the Netherlands as well as England and Ireland. I did lots of different jobs, with marketing, strategy and line management recurring themes. What different things in my 50’s? Writing, studying something creative, coaching, and making music through singing and choir conducting are my dreams. It should be nice to be able to follow my own heart in all these things rather than being constrained by money and convention. I started blogging in Shell in 2007, and built quite a large following as a relatively senior manager prepared to tackle controversial issues and give balanced advice. I have a subversive streak and love dark humour. At my best I can be creative and inspirational, but more often I’m just cynical and bitchy.