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Industry Engineering
Occupation Writing is my passion
Location United States
Introduction outnumbered221 @ gmail.com
Interests Probably getting skinnier, richer, prettier and more famous.
Favorite Movies I really can't remember the last movie I DIDN'T fall asleep during. Not true, I spent the whole time during Nanny McPhee chasing my two year old around the theater, cleaning up spilled Sprite, refilling a dumped popcorn and profusely apologizing to the theater goers around us! I have since seen Enchanted and LOVED it!
Favorite Music I consider it a major coup when I got my three girls into Bon Jovi. However, I have to admit, reluctantly, that Hannah Montana has really grown on me. After all, don't we all want "the best of both worlds?"
Favorite Books Well, if you consider magazines are books then it would be US Weekly and InStyle. InStyle because I like to pretend I'm hip. US Weekly because I like to pretend celebrities are my friends. They don't return my calls so I have to resort to the glossy to find out what is new in their life.

When you've got water stuck in your ear, how do you get it out?

Vigorously shaking my head to the side while saying, unnaturally loud, "I'VE GOT WATER IN MY EAR!" As if it explains my erratical behavior.