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Introduction In reality, men with serious problems often don't change, even though they may say they do, and it is very difficult to, man is and accept help.
Interests Lots of love, patience and kindness will not change the person or remove the underlying conflict. It seems like that should work, but it rarely does. And it may take years of trying, before the woman gives up and calls it quits. Relationship experts will tell you . . . don't try it! You'll only get hurt. I have seen countless cases where the reforming partners gave it all they had, and were driven to exhaustion trying to reform their lover or mate, especially in abusive or violent relationships. Men who resort to domestic violence need professional help. It's best not to try and be their therapist. If you want to avoid getting into another abusive relationship, be double sure you do not get involved with someone who needs changing! If he needs to change to become a suitable mate, stay away! There are other men to consider. Take your time and find a good one, for not only your own welfare, but that of your children, friends and extended family members. All will be affected by your decision! How To Tell Whether To Stay In The Relationship? You should be happy with the person in the beginning, the way he is. If not, then don't continue the relationship. Help yourself by staying clear of a bad relationship. Just think of what can happen if you bring an abusive or addicted person into your family. Think of the heartache that lies ahead.