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Occupation Full time Pain in the Ass
Introduction I cannot call myself a strict 100% Anarchist. I do not fit into any label, as I am constantly growing and evolving. I am ready for change. I am stubborn to a fault. My sense of humor is dryer than burnt melba toast. I enjoy the absurd. I am nosey. Overall however, I am generally friendly to those who are friendly in kind.
Interests Arts, politics, humanitarian causes, reading, writing, 'rithmatic, patriotism, activism, religion, gardening, music, anarchy
Favorite Movies Romper Stomper, The Doom Generation, Boondock Saints, Braveheart, The Others, The Secret of NIHM, Team America, The Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter (all of them), Undead, Sean of the Dead, any and all Monty Python
Favorite Music Punk, Oi, Ska, Hardcore, old Rap, Trip Hop, Hip Hop, Techno, Jungle, Rockabilly, Surf
Favorite Books Confessions of an Economic Hitman, The History of the United States, David Sedaris books (all of them), Harry Potter (all of them), The Tao of Pooh, Zen Shorts, The Art of War, Noam Chomsky (most of them)

How is an ankle unlike a consequence?

You can break an ankle.