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Occupation Seller of Rare Books & Library Antiques
Location So. Egremont, MA, United States
Introduction Unlike many blogs, my writing here is not meant to teach lessons, to stave off despair, to fill my time with something creative; it is not a "project" like a-book-a day, a-recipe-a-day. It is simply that I love to read, and I love to share what I read. Writing it down in such a way as to convey to others the book’s effect on me helps me to remember what I read and how I felt while I was reading. If, indeed, "the media is the message," it happens that I find it easier to write to someone – a letter, an email – than to write for myself alone. Were reading my musings to provide pleasure for others, then that would be better still. Hence: a blog.
Favorite Music Adam and the Couch Potatoes, Populuxe