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Gender Male
Industry Technology
Occupation Communications, Range, and Telemetry Guru
Location Northern Colorado, United States
Introduction Just another cranky old fart, professional radio nerd, computer geek, and former Uber-Gearhead, who values independence, freedom, and liberty for all..... This Blog is basically a "Blog About Nothing", and expresses only my own opinions and observations about life and the world around me.
Interests Amateur Radio, Reading, Firearms, Flying, Photography, History, Racing, Rockets and Space, SciFi, Hiking, Camping, Fishing, Off Roading, People watching
Favorite Movies Destination Moon, The Caine Mutiny, Forbidden Planet, The Thing (the original!), Blade Runner, Seven Days In May, The Day The Earth Stood Still (the original, not that tree-hugger's POS remake!), Being There, Fail Safe, The Enemy Below, The Battle of Britain, The Scent Of A Woman, The Usual Suspects, Silverado, The Shootist, Ghost In The Shell, Idiocracy, Red Dawn
Favorite Music Most of it....
Favorite Books All of them....

Chicken monkey shoes?

"I'll Take 'Liberal Footware' For $1000, Alex"