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Gender Male
Location Henderson, Nevada
Introduction This blog is a personal journal of a seeker, a pilgrim, a traveller of the invisible and mysterious Spiritual Path. These are my thoughts, feelings and beliefs that have evolved and manifested in me as the result of many years of study of ancient teachings of all forms. These are my personal beliefs and observations and they are not intended to advise or convert anyone to a particular way of thinking. We all have our own personal path to travel and we all must make, and be responsible for, our own decisions. This blog is an opportunity to put my spiritual beliefs in writing. Perhaps some of my entries may help others see something in a new and different way. This would be nice. However, in the end, these entries are simply my own personal thoughts. Astrologically, my Sun is in Cancer and my Moon is in Scorpio. I am very sensitive and possess an intuition I have come to rely upon. Although I know my Journey is infinite, I cherish each new discovery along The Way. I welcome e-mails from other like-minded travellers and I thank you for visiting my site.
Interests Cycles, Patterns, Spiritual Knowledge, Spiritual Philosophy, Ancient Religions, Ancient Teachings, Mythology, Symbolism, Metaphor, Meditation, One-on-one communication.
Favorite Movies Casablanca, Out Of Africa, The Sting, Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, High Noon, Gunga Din, Paint Your Wagon
Favorite Music Classical, Choral, Romantic, Acappella, Chanticleer, Abba, Enya, Any Music That Stirs The Emotions
Favorite Books I Ching, Bhagavad-Gita, Tao Teh Ching, Ancient Mysteries, Egyptology, Mythology, Symbolism, Spiritual Growth, Ancient Writings, Harry Potter, The Hobbit, Lord Of The Rings