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Introduction I'm 45 year old wife & mom, otherwise totally healthy until I found a lump in my breast 12/24/08 - it was removed 1/30/09 and was cancer. It was a 2.2cm, triple negative (ER -, PR -, HER2 -) Grade III, which they got out via lumpectomy with clean margins. I had 2 mm of cancer cells on my Sentinal lymph node so they removed them all - getting 23 add'l nodes, all completely clean. I started chemo 3/6 - 4 rounds of A/C every other week, then 4 rounds of Taxol every other week, receiving Neulasta shots 24 hrs after each chemo. If I don't get delayed I finish chemo 6/12. 5 weeks later I'll start 6 1/2 weeks of 5 day a week whole breast radiation. My docs are great (NOW) all at UT Southwestern. This blog is to keep my friends & family informed as my ongoing treatment odyssey continues........