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Introduction The purpose of this website is to raise awareness of the importance of reuniting humanity with their ancestral roots. We have been brainwashed into believing that identifying with those of the same race is an intolerant inclination. At Race4Survival we believe that every race and ethnicity has the right to self preservation. This is because the most efficient form of resistance to oppression is self preservation. But by insinuating that we are all humans..All the same we dilute the important bonds that existed from the dawn of man. In the last fifty years or so people have been 'educated' that being color blind is a form of social progress or evolution. To the contrary.. What we have witnessed is a form of psychological trickery whose goal is total domination of the human species. No form of resistance has been capable of toppling this system which unites themselves not by race, but by greed and total control of the planet.
Interests Love to learn more about my reality everyday.