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Location Outside Chicago, Illinois, United States
Introduction That's what the blog is for right? Me...I love pickles, my kids..and maybe just a little more than pickles, my husband, I love him otherwise I would have stabbed him in his sleep long ago.
Interests I'm a I allowed to even HAVE interests? Let me get back to you on this.
Favorite Movies Honestly the very classic and Oscar Nominated "Girls Just Want To Have Fun", Mr. Holland's Opus, Terminator...anything usually cheesy that VH1 now has on their "I love the 80s" or 90s is usually right up my alley. Oh an my recent obsession with "The Family Stone", I should probably seek medical attention.
Favorite Music Country mostly or angst sappy stuff like Nickelback, 3 Doors Down, Rob Thomas, Train
Favorite Books Again, I'm such a sap, anything Nicholas Sparks

Do you believe that forks are evolved from spoons?

That is such an insult to the fork. I believe it to be quite the opposite. People needed to stab things. Haven't you seen a Caveman hunt..but then they realized that small vegetable falls off the "stabbing" things so they melted the forks together to get the spoon. EVERYONE knows that!