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Introduction From early childhood I had a fascination for glasses. I started collecting glasses from the local flea market when women disposed of their cat eye glasses. The collection has grown over the years. Opticians use pictures of models wearing empty frames and I always felt there was something missing. Glasses only come to life when the right lenses are added to the frame, and so do the looks of their owners! This blog is an attempt to improve on what we see in opticians' pictures. Enjoy!
Interests Right now, I am in the middle of a number of photo shoots, the result of which will be shown in this blog over the next few months. It's great, seeing one's collection of glasses brought to life with the help of great models.
Favorite Movies "Switch", as this is exactly what this blog is all about. No gender switch here, but a switch back in time...
Favorite Music Being a singer-songwriter, I took the name for this blog from the title track of my latest CD. "Crystal Veil" is a song in praise of GWGs.
Favorite Books To be written after finishing this wonderful series of photo shoots :)