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Gender Male
Occupation Domestic God
Location InAHouseWithPeople, StateOfConfusion
Introduction I'm a young, healthy male in the prime of my life, who is stuck living with 2 people who don't tend to know their noses from their asses. Seriously...they seem to think that they *own* me, when we all know they are here on this earth to serve and amuse me. I allow them to stay, because they have opposable thumbs. Oh...and I have a potty mouth. Yes I do.
Interests Stinky Goodness, Fish, Eating, Sleeping, Staring out the window, Singing at 3 a.m., Watching birds outside, Sleeping more, Stalking the People, Eating more, Avoiding Sticky Little People, Eating.
Favorite Movies Cat Ballou, The Truth About Cats & Dogs, Cats Don't Dance, Fat Cats
Favorite Music Cat Stevens, The Cats In The Cradle, Cats The Musical
Favorite Books Cat In The Hat, The Cat Who Walked Through Walls, Cat's Eye, Cats In Love, Get Fuzzy