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Introduction Tyler and I have been married for over 5 years now! We have a crazy savannah cat named Zjak and a Yorkie named Raja. We are the proud parents of an angel baby, Daniel Mark Jones. He was born on April 14th 2011, and returned home to his Father in Heaven on May 19 2011. He was born with Heterotaxy (left atrial isomerim), AVSD (left ventricle dominant), Obstructed TAPVR, severe pulmonary stenosis and branch pulmonary stenosis. We were planning on starting a series of 3 surgeries to heal his heart but 2 hours after he was born the Dr's told us he would not be a candidate for surgery. They expected him to live no more than 5 minutes off of all of the machines, but he held on and proved everyone wrong for 5 weeks. They were an amazing 5 weeks and we cherished every second. We love him and miss him so much. We know we will see him again someday. Baby #2 Lou was born on 6-12-12 and we are loving every little bit of him! Proud mommy of 2 angels: One in Heaven and one on Earth!!
Interests crafts, soccer, running, hanging with my hubby, playing with my sweet crazy kitty cat, music
Favorite Music No Doubt, lady gaga, 311