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Occupation VP of PR/Marketing
Location Maine, United States
Introduction Hi! My name is really Jenny, not Cassandra. I dyed my hair a dark brown once and my husband said I looked like a different person. So we gave my dark-haired self the sexy name of Cassandra (haha) I've been married to my husband, Josh, since January of 2007 and have 2 boys, Jacoby and Drew. All 3 are the loves of my life! I live in Maine and freeze to death during the winter months (even sometimes in the evenings during the summer). Florida is probably my ideal weather, but is not for my Irish skinned husband and sons. I am driven by coffee and am a tattoo addict (I currently have 5 and need more!) I love celebrity gossip, clothes, make-up, and shoes! My signature drink is a Gin and Tonic with a splash of cranberry. I'm a romantic and get caught up with soap operas. I'm still trying to figure out how to make time to read and work-out but with family life and work and social media I haven't figured out where to squeeze it all in. I absolutely love being a mom and my family. They are what makes me strive to be a better person and to have a cocktail at night (haha!)
Interests My family, my friends, makeup, fashion, celebrity gossip, social media, being a mom, coffee, tattoos, butterflies, running
Favorite Music I love a huge range of music! My iPod is filled with Lady Gaga, Eminem, Rihanna, Godsmack, Breaking Benjamin, Sugarland