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Location Stratford upon Avon, United Kingdom
Introduction We are a family of four who home educate our two girls, aged 8 and 10. Two of us are British and two of us are New Zealanders. We've lived in both places many times but currently reside in the UK. The arrival of children has been the source of great joy, wonder, tiredness, frustration to name a few! My view of the world has changed since becoming a parent and I have started a journey that I didn't know I would be on with my ultimate dream to have a self-sufficient(ish) lifestyle. I have always loved crafts and sewing but, apart from functional items such as curtains, I had not pursued these for a while before children came. The joy of making something for a little child has awoken the desire to create for me. The birth and growth of children is creation at it purest and it has been the most amazing thing to observe and be part of. To learn from children and from the earth has become an important lesson for me and to live in harmony with each other and the environment is something I strive for.
Interests Sewing, crochet, art and crafts, quilting, refashioning, recycling, reading, growing veggies, walking, aromatherapy, natural health and beauty, New Zealand, coffee, natural home, self sufficiency, sustainable living, dressmaking, second hand, thrifting, op shops, charity shops, garage sales, vintage, pre-loved, permaculture, transition towns