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Location Georgia, United States
Introduction Blessed Child of God. From homelessness to homeowner, wife and mother of 4 girls. I homeschool my oldest and work from home. If it gets more interesting...I'll let you know ;)
Interests Peaches, Handmade, Georgia, Travel, handmade purses, stationary, Korean, stickers, journaling, Food, Soap, Cake, shopping handmade, Glitter, Blue Candy, Paper, Hats, Lip gloss, (I have a collection!!), Teddy Bears, Winter, (I love all the layers of clothes), Art, Flat beads, Jazz, French, Japanese, German, Chines, Green, Purple, Penguins, Lace, Socks, Fairies, Photography, Cartoons, Cooking, Candels, Cadillac 16, Stationary, Anime, (, Najica, Tenchi, Outlaw Star, Speed Grappher, Scryed, Nana, Ah! My Goddess, Hellsing, ...etc, ) Oh! And, my favorite color is, red!! My Dislikes: The smell of Vanilla or Coco Butter
Favorite Movies The Rock, Lion King, Snatch, Weird Science, Under Siege, Gladiator, Master and Commander, Cinderella Story, Finding Forster, Ocean's Eleven, She's The Man, A Knight's Tale, Hero, Pillow Talk, ...etc.
Favorite Music I like almost all music (no hard rock, or techno)... My favorite type of music is vocal jazz!
Favorite Books Bible, You're Marrying Her, Dear Dumb Diary, Stone Soup, Pretties, Uglies, Specials, and Extras, ...etc

Which is easier to make a model airplane out of and why: a banana peel or a wet sock?

wet sock. you can mold it and depending on drying method it will harden in the desired shape...js.