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Gender MALE
Introduction I am a radical Market Anarchist dedicated to establishing independent seasteads and possibly land based freeholds. I'm also an advocate of people being non speciaists when it comes to life, as the more you are able to do for yourself the less you NEED to rely on others. Everyone should be able to provide for their own basic needs. I am entirely in favor of secession. Right down to the Sovereign Individual.
Interests anarchocapitalist philosophy, seasteading, positive change, ending government hegemony, private property, agorism, anarchy, games, space and oceanic exploitation
Favorite Movies The Matrix, Braveheart, Star Wars series, a great many others. I love movies
Favorite Music Old school Heavy Metal, 80's music, a lot of modern hard rock, some classical, pretty much anything but rap and country
Favorite Books Starship Troopers, The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, The Neo-tech discovery, Red Storm Rising, The Bug Wars, many others.