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Location Christchurch, New Zealand
Introduction new to the world of homeownership, i shall endeavour to use this new blog as a place to whitter on about my new life as a gardener and home handy woman extraordinaire! wish me luck. as i don't like the linky way blogger does "interests" and such, i'll write them in here instead. gardening~ in particular implementing the principles of companion planting, organics and biodynamics, and permaculture. which all go together of course! back-to-basics in the kitchen~ making preserves, baking, and trying my hand at cheesemaking. internetting~ i can't call myself a true hippy with my attachment to modern forms of communication. and on the subject of communication~ i love to write letters and postcards, and intend to do more of it. especially hand-drawn postcards. requests accepted. books~ many many varied books. yes please. i like quirky films, leonard cohen makes my heart ache in a good way, and i like other music too.