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Introduction This blogsite is for all of us. We all love Hackney Wick - and want to see our lives here improve day by day. By contributing to this blog we will all feel as if we have a say in how we want our neighbourhood to be. Of course we could all use it as a whinge blog to whine on about the rubbish collections or cars parked on the sidewalk - BUT - how about we all use it to make our lives a lot more positive?! How about we all use it to organise litter pick-up days, or comunal barbeques in the green opposite St Mary's, or meetings to get Hackney Council to change something, or to put pressure on the Olympic Delevery Authority to deliver a Legacy appropriate to us? Anything!! Please, please, PLEEEEEZZZZZZ feel free to add comment, share news, show photos, invite neighbours, etc to this blogsite. Let's get communicating!!