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Introduction Almost ALL relationships can be saved and yours is no different but it's imperative that once you have resolved the problems in your relationship to look forward and move on. Do not fall into the trap of bringing up past issues, do your best not to fall into old habits.
Interests Many people find it hard to talk to someone else about their relationship problems. Usually you don't want your friends to know all your dirty laundry, but then you don't always feel comfortable telling a complete stranger (e.g. a counsellor) either. Software like this gives you the chance to get guidance while maintaining complete privacy. Best of all, your partner doesn't even have to know that you're making use of it, if you so desire. If you had a break up or are having problems in your relationship, you can cope with your situation a whole lot better by being guided by a resource that can help you solve your relationship problems. You could get such guidance in the form of a book, personal counseling or an eBook. As there are so many relationship resources available, your challenge will be in picking the right one for you. As a rule, in selecting a suitable resource, you would have to recognize what would be suitable to your personal situation and be effective in solving your relationship problems. Additionally, it is best that you: Do not place too much emphasis on the resource person's academic qualifications or professional titles. Look for those who have practical 'hands-on" experience. If they claim that they have the required expertise, find out how they acquired it. Look for resource persons who have worked with people who have had relationship problems and have helped solve them. The best are those who started off by helping their family members, relatives or friends. This would mean that the resource persons would have been personally involved in the situation and the total problem solving process.