~Lisa Renee~

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Industry Non-Profit
Occupation FT Mommy
Location Maryville, Missouri, United States
Introduction I sing with the radio, all the time, loudly and way off key. I believe a kiss is much better if done with your eyes closed. I am aiming to make a difference and trying to prove anything is possible. There IS a boogeyman in the toilet...
Interests I love to read. Capture moments in time with words, or photos. Being with children. Changing lives.
Favorite Movies I am more of a book gal. Usually too busy to sit still long enough to watch a movie. All parents know that after having children you lose the right to watch a movie without hitting pause.
Favorite Music Depends on my mood and what I am doing in that moment. I like working out to rap and cleaning to Matchbox 20. I listen to folk and christian for motivation. Alternative when my husband is around, rock when my parents are. Children's music when I feel silly.
Favorite Books Anything I get my hands on!

Well, maybe they don't need them, but don't you think that some fish might like a bicycle?

Oh, I think the fish are secretly trying to take over the world...the little creeps! Of course they would need bicycles.