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Occupation Financially Independent
Location Queen City, NC
Introduction I'm pretty "real". People tend to accuse me of TMI but then again, they probably shouldn't click this. I think life is short and laughter necessary. Often. I've probably been ADHD my whole life, but I wouldn't trade it for the world because I can kind of "roll with the punches" and adapt to change because , well, if change doesn't happen, I find myself bored. I'm married. I have four children, two from previous marriages on each side. They are all mine in my heart though. I try to keep them out of this though due to immature/irresponsible behavior possibly embarrassing them. If they choose to link me to one of their friends, well, that's their own fault. They tend to find me amusing though. We'll see how long that lasts.
Interests I have an affinity for shoes and Dr. Pepper. I love dresses. I love dressng up. I used to figure skate, somwhat, and I have always been sort of spoiled, which lead to having no coping skills and a mental breakdown before 30. (but that's another blog)
Favorite Movies Too many to list, but I'm pretty sure I've seen The Wedding Singer more than any other movie. I will pretty much laugh at anything though.
Favorite Music I like just about everytihng, and I mean that, but I prefer that completely overt sexual references and lewd cussing be left out of the stuff my kids here. Even though sometimes I am guilty of it myself....but my policy is basically, don't cuss unless you need to. Like when you stub your toe. OH SH** is completely acceptable. But if one of my kids walked up and said "I'm gonna go to Tommy's house and shoot the sh*t" I'd probably faint.
Favorite Books James Patterson is my favorite author. I discovered him when I used to work at the airline and everyone left their books onboard after they read them. I'd read everything. An airport has more books than a library. And gossip magazines.