About me

Gender MALE
Occupation Super Worker Bee
Location Lawrenceville, NJ, United States
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Interests Oh, read the blog damnit....., Major interests:, Eating, Sleeping, Reading
Favorite Movies I dislike most of the crap that Hollywood puts out, but I'm also not an "indie" movie snob. I enjoy the occassional blockbuster, mindless horror flick, action adventure, and a good comedy now and then. I don't go to the movies very often. I think movies are getting more and more violent and inane, and our future generations are going to have MAJOR problems separating movie worlds from reality. Its a shame. I enjoy going to the theatre sporadically; I prefer to go on a Tuesday afternoon or some other time when the theatre is practically empty. I hardly ever rent movies or dvds although I admit to being a Blockbuster member. They tend to have a really "limited" selection of decent movies, and 500 copies of crappy movies.
Favorite Music I like various styles such as Classical, Jazz, Blues, Lite Rock, Pop, Techno/Dance, Oldies, Swing and Big Band. I dislike Rap, Hip-Hop, Hard Rock, Punk/Metal, or Country-Western. My favorite band in the whole world is Cake, but I don't get very excited about many other bands. I tend to like certain songs from alot of groups and alot of styles. I tend not to remember to turn on the or listen to music when I am at home or sitting around. Silence is definitely golden in my life. But when I do listen to music, I get energized, and happy. And when I sing (ok, so I sound horrible) it releases stress and makes me feel better. When I listen to music, it also makes me want to dance. And dancing is good for me - its healthy and makes me feel good inside. I need to dance more.
Favorite Books I love to read. Thank goodness for my Barnes and Noble discount card. I enjoy paperback fiction novels the most, and sometimes read one per day. I enjoy thriller, horror, spy / action / espionage type novels. Some of my favorite authors are F. Paul Wilson, Clive Cussler, Stephen King. I cannot stand being stuck without something to read. I've been known to read the labels on whatever is handy, if I wind up stuck without a book. I am often very literal, but sometimes I think outside the box. I have the amazing ability to read 4 or 5 books simultaneously, putting them down and picking up where I left off, reading a chapter or two here and there, and somehow keeping track of everything.

Your superpower is that you smell like dandelions whenever someone lies. How will you maintain your secret identity?

I taste like yellow.