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Gender MALE
Industry Automotive
Occupation Industrial designer
Location St. Petersburg, Russia
Interests Rod and custom culture, Car design, автомобиль-легенда- ГАЗ-21, Oldtimers и все что с ними связано, автореставрация, двадцатый век, культура христианского мира, мистика и паранормальные явления, Sci-fi, WW2
Favorite Movies Hot-Rod gang, Blackboard jungle, 12 Angry man, One Two Three, The Killing, It's A Wonderful Life, Wild one, Two-lane blacktop, Vanishing point, Dirty Mary Crazy Larry, The Wanderers, The Outsiders, Bullitt, Thunder road, Cannonball run, Gone in 60 seconds'74, Easy rider, The Car, Duel, Stand by me, Christine, Night of the Living Dead'68, Down of the Dead'78, The Last Man on Earth'64, Psycho, Vertigo, Rope, Rear window, North by Northwest, Rosemary's baby, Profondo rosso, Fall time, Quadrophenia, Blow-Up, Flash of Genius, Grease, Hairspray, Cadillac records, West-side story, Rock around the clock, The song remains the same, Metropolis, Blade Runner, THX-1138, 2001:A Space Odyssey, Star Wars, Dune, Forbidden planet, This Island Earth, Les Aventuriers, Le Vieux Fusil, Falbalas, Королева бензоколонки, Берегись автомобиля, В бой идут одни старики, Шофер поневоле, Приходите завтра, Космический рейс, Улица полна неожиданностей, Гонщики.идр
Favorite Music Rock-n-roll, Surf-rock, Twist, Rockabilly, Country, DOO-WOP, Vocal Harmony, 60's Motown sound, Blues, Soul, Funk, Fusion, Jazz-rock, Jazz, Swing, Electro organ music, Hard-rock, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s