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Occupation Registered Nurse, Health Coach
Location Philadelphia, PA
Introduction Both of my grandmothers taught me everything I know about being crafty and that is what I've grown up with a passion for doing. My paternal grandmother (Mildred Elizabeth)taught me to sew, as well as a plethora of other things(crochet, decoupage, bake, canning, etc) when I used to spend my summers with her as a child. My maternal Grandmother (Dorothy Lou) has shared with me many family recipes and continues to swap recipes with me. I decided to dedicate my easy shop and photography business to them by using both of their middle names. I don't think I would be right-brained at all without them! I live with my wonderful husband and puppy in Pennsylvania. He is so patient with coming home to dinner not started because I've gotten so consumed with a project! I am an RN working as a Health Coach at a corporation in Philadelphia. But my passion is snapping photos and doing anything DIY!

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