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Gender Female
Occupation pharmacist at Al-Ba'aj health center
Location Mosul, Iraq
Introduction I am a 27 years old woman. from Mosul/Iraq. I am a pharmacist who loves what she is doing and look to make a change in this world. . update : I fled from Iraq in 23 of june 2014 soon after the ISIS attack my city (Mosul) and i am now living in Jordan and seeking asylum .
Interests Art, reading, writing, poetry, paint and music.
Favorite Movies Home alone, Zoro, ٍshrek, You've Got Mail, The Fellowship of the ring, Harry Potter, Up
Favorite Music Josh Groban's, Kadhim Al-Saher, Enya, Fayrouz, Abdullhalim hafeth
Favorite Books The holy Koran, Haiaty (حياتي) by Ahmad Ameen, She's the queen, Harry potter, روائع نزار قباني, الأجنحة المتكسرة, .The chemist, davenshy code, the unexpected, guest, تحت ظلال الزيزفون, Gone with the wind, أني جاعلٌ في الأرض خليفة, أستمتع بحياتك, حتى تكون أسعد الناس, أنت لي, أنا حرة, the secret, Don't swear small stuff

Which is easier to make a model airplane out of and why: a banana peel or a wet sock?

WHAT???!!! Did you lose your mind, or did you lose your mind? I'm sure it's either of the two!