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Industry Communications or Media
Occupation I start good ideas but am terrible at finishing them!
Location Seattle, WA, United States
Introduction Yeah, I'm a middle-aged misfit chick with alot of wonky ideas in my head. It's pretty common for me to take the side of the underdog - Doesn't stop me from taking it.
Interests Movies - Comedy, Science Fiction, (not Horror, believe it or not), my itty-bitty-baby ball of Sunshine (a blonde kitten who almost got named Edward because he has gold eyes - ha!) Buffy, Star Trek - ALL of them (well, sort of), True Blood (of course!) - Ok, real life stuff... Writing & Photography, Retail Sales & saving up for new wheels!
Favorite Movies FAVORITE MOVIES quite an eclectic mix: The Color Purple has been #1 for YEARS! I LOVE you Whoopi Goldberg! Four Rooms, The Mexican, Interview with the Vampire, TWILIGHT, Rainman, ROCKY (not all all of them), Dogma, Clerks, The Messenger, Blade, The RUNAWAYS, Breakfast at Tiffany's & My Fair Lady, The Lover, Saving Silverman, A Life Less Ordinary, The TERMINATOR, Paper Moon, The Astronaut's Wife (one of Charlize Theron's first), Pirates of the Caribbean (MORE Johnny Depp!), 50 First Dates, CHARLIE'S ANGELS!, Apollo 13, Josie & The Pussycats (I couldn't help it!), The Professional, Space Above & Beyond (was a series), QUEST for FIRE, Bull Durham, Amadeus and EQUALLY Immortal Beloved, KICK-ASS, The Postman, Bourne Identity, Anything James BOND, Medicine Man, Absolutely Fabulous (also a series, but too hysterical too leave off), Contact, Harriet the Spy, The Princess Bride, The Fifth Element, The SOUND of MUSIC!, Austin Powers 1 & 2 (I can always see my mom in her early 20's in those cute little miniskirts. PLUS, the music she would listen to - Yeah, I still LOVE it!), Bridget Jones Diary, Amelia, Alice in Wonderland... I could go on and on... Oh my gosh, I almost forgot to add LITTLE ASHES and REMEMBER ME (which, I'm not sure I'll EVER be able to watch again - but it has to be on this list!) But my ULTIMATE FAVORITE Robert Pattinson Movie is "How To Be" - I'm not sure if it was his 1st or not, but I LOVED that movie! Kristen's is currently THE RUNAWAYS - of COURSE I LOVE Joan Jett (and double-DANGS on the Cheri Curry & Lita Ford performances from DAKOTA Fanning and SCOUT Taylor-Compton! 3 WOWs!). But I'm expecting "On the Road" to maybe knock The Runaways down a notch. ;> NEWEST FAVORITES: Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (If you haven't seen yet you MUST - COME ON WITH the SEQUEL!!!), The AVENGERS and DAMN, COSMOPOLIS!!!
Favorite Music I could make another long list, but I won't. :)
Favorite Books Witchblade (Ok, it's a comic book/graphic novel) - Now THERE'S a cool female superhero for you! I don't really read much anymore, although I used to read ALOT when I was an "adolescent young girl": PRE-everyone-has-a-cell-phone-and-computer days. It was probably more "the thing" that we did to keep ourselves entertained - that, and soap operas, ha! The most recent story I've read (THANKS Steve for the Kindle Fire for Xmas!), is Hunger Games! OMG - Talk about can't-read-fast-enough, ha! I've only read the 1st book but WILL read the rest & you can pretty much count on me buying the DVD's. I haven't seen the movie yet, but I'm looking forward to it! My VERY 1st thought when I was done was, "Damn, CAN'T Katniss just figure out a way to have them BOTH?! Ha! The LAST story I remember reading is probably also one of the most entertaining, intense & romantic things I've ever read: The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay by Michael Chabon (Someone really should make this into a movie - but it WOULD HAVE to be DONE WELL and probably in at least TWO movies - if not MORE - to do this ONE book justice.) The storyline surrounds the personal lives of two Jewish cousins - there is (eventually) a woman in the mix, of course - one is a writer and one is an artist; and together they create a comic book empire. That part of the book alone, is fascinating. But the book does a really good job of winding both "realistic history" (which would require research); as well as the personal lives of these two cousins and the people that speckle their lives. Check it out, it's a really good read. Here's a link to a review of the book: