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Occupation Registered Nurse
Location Mason, Ohio, United States
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Introduction I am a 30 something slightly neurotic, reasonably fluffy, animal loving, tree hugging, pagan, bi-sexual, pro-choice, nap taking, woman with continuously varying shades of red hair and glasses. I am a Mama. Wolf arrived January 2008 & Kitty joined us February 2012. With Mama-dom has come a love of cloth diapering, co-sleeping, breastfeeding, activism and attached parenting. My goal is to be a gentle Mama. I struggle with this everyday. I want to be for my kiddos what I did not have and some of what I did have. The balancing act is a journey. I am a RN with 5 years in Emergency Pediatrics and now 2 years in Adolescent Psych. Someday, I hope to obtain my BSN and IBCLC. I try very hard not to censor myself and hope to be as open as possible. So feel free to come on in, the closet door is open and there is room for everyone. Pick up a paper and start checking off boxes. Maybe you will find something out about yourself too. In my life I find myself checking the "Other" box often.
Interests activism, add, advocacy, airstream trailers, alternative fuel sources, alternative music, animal rescue, animal shelters, animism, anxiety, art, attachment parenting, babies, BBC, bisexuality, black cats, breastfeeding, brie, british humor, candles, cats, cinema, classical music, cloth diapers, co-housing, co-sleeping, coffee, college, comic books, depression, diversity, diy, equal rights amendment, ethnic cooking, family beds, fantasy, fem girls, feminism, food, freya, gaia, goddesses, godzilla, hair color, herbs, home birth, home improvement, homeopathy, human rights, independent comics, independent films, independent thought, indian food, IBCLC, Intactivisim, intactivist, intelligence, intentional communities, jazz, kitties, LLL, Lactavist, lactation, lesbians, lounge music, men in kilts, midwifery, montessori schools, movies, music, natural living, nature, nature based spirituality, naturopathy, nightime, NPR, nursing, opera, paganism, pets, politics, polyfidelity, polytheism, popular culture, pro-choice, procrastinating, quiet, reading, respect, RN, sarcasm, sci-fi, self actualization, sensuality, sex, sex education, sexuality, singing, sleep, sleeping, solitude, spay-neuter, stripey cats, tea, television, third wave feminism, tiger cats, TNR, Unitarian Universalists, water, women's issues, women's rights, women's studies

Your hand has been replaced by a rubber stamp. What does it say?

It don't make no difference to me, Baby everybody has the right to be free.