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Introduction November 8th, 2002 issue of True Story Magazine, Pg 24: Once thought to be the Nom de Plum of Peter O’Toole, the name Todd Vodka is now believed to belong to an acquaintance of the actor. The pair have been known to describe themselves as being “thick as Sicilian olives since meeting at the bottom of a bottle”. Approached by law enforcement officials both in the UK and abroad concerning their purportedly interchangeable identities (suspected of including a set of passports), they also frequently announce the passing of the other. A website titled “The Real Todd Vodka” claims that the name belongs to New Haven, Connecticut shipyard worker Marcus Lawson. Mr. Lawson claims no knowledge of either man, though he does confirm that the address of his residence was the same as that listed for Paisley Giraffe Window Cleaning, Port Hatches, Bilge Pump & Monocock Fasteners LLC, a private equity firm based in the Cayman Islands renowned for SEC trading irregularities and chaired by Russian entrepreneur Lod Vodkaå. An arrest warrant issued by the Watch Hill, Rhode Island Police Department on July 17th, 1998 bears the name Todd Vodka along with O’Tool's Image.
Interests screaming at houseplants, interpreting huccups
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What's the best time you've ever had licking stamps?

'won't lick a stamp 'till it buys me dinner