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Introduction Video games have changed since the early 90’s. In some ways for the better and in other ways for the worst. I remember reading Nintendo Power and Playstation magazine, and seeing the upcoming games for the next generation consoles that would replace Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis. Everyone assumed that the advancement in graphics would mean advancement in every other area as well. My optimism was high, but slowly year after year, as the graphics increased, my interest faded. By the end of Playstation 2, I stopped looking at the upcoming releases. Despite having breathtaking graphics and full orchestra’s for music, they lacked soul. Megaman X: Eclipse is a response to the decline in gaming, particularly to the decline in the Megaman X series (although I know of some who would argue that X4-6 were good, I know of no one who would argue for X8 being good). It is meant to be the 4th installment for the SNES that many of us wanted after Megaman X3. Its going to have 8 bosses, its going to be 16 bit. Its going to be everything you would expect from a 4th Megaman X game on the SNES.