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Introduction Hello friends of the interwebs! You may have seen some of my silly cat video nonsense on YouTube starting with "An Engineer's Guide to Cats" that I made with my good buddy, TJ and my cats. We made some other cat videos as well and now we are famous on the interwebs, but most people don't know about that. So this is my blog and it is the same color as my YouTube except the background has the double-circle-helix thingy. Anyway, I'll often get an impulse to just spill something from my brain, through a keyboard, and onto a web page so I figured I'd create a blog so everyone can see what is in my brain. Making cat videos is super fun, but sometimes writing is more immediate and organic. I don't know what organic means with regard to making things on the interwebs, but I've heard other people use that word so I decided to use it as well.