Kit Lang

About me

Location Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Introduction I'm a life-long singer who fell passionately in love with quilting, and so became a diva, who quilts. My first blog ( follows my adventures in utility quilts - quilts that are meant to be cuddled in, tucked up, dreamed under. I love those kinds of quilts and don't want to stop making them, though I hope to "make something new" of them (with apologies to Ezra Pound.) (It was Mr. Pound, wasn't it?) ;) I have another blog, called, where I explore my other passionate interest: textile art. I'll have adventures there in dyeing, complex cloth, embellishing...who knows what all? Wherever my bliss takes me, there will I go. And finally, I have a third blog - caboodleing - where I talk about everything else! Please follow along at either or all three (!) - and join me in the journey. I'd love to have you as a fellow traveller. Kit