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Gender MALE
Occupation spiritual teacher, care giver
Introduction I am almost 60. I was introduced to spirited clearings by Ashtar. Meg had a conference call for about a year. I was a regular participant. I realized that the clearings took out the negative programming and I began to feel that fear could no longer magnetize me that way that it did. The more I did the clearings, the more I felt that I was taking my power back & bringing in the higher frequencies of love & light on a much more regular basis. I felt very honored to be asked to write the book that Meg had intended to finish before she died in 2010. I had a lot of help from her friends at Ashtar on the Road, and other close friends of hers. The book is about living a lifestyle of connection with Creator-Source and taking back our power from this negative programming that we have all been imprinted with to some degree.
Interests Ascension, listening and reading channels, reading and listening to whistle blowers, listening to music- all kinds, walking with my partner-ana, & meditation.