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Occupation Esthetician
Interests loving family. puppy & kitties. God. traveling. photography. fashion. French & Italian culture. Christmas. glamour. luxury. Formula One. jewelry. snickers. chess. bike rides w. my brother. Sephora. perfume. sexy shoes. scary movies. romantic comedies. chocolate. windy roads. drum & bass. loud house music. jazz. candles. cranberry juice w. lime. pizza margherita. garlic prawns. cheese. frozen yogurt w. fruit. rainy & cloudy days. white fluffy towels. bubble baths. Hollywood. Beverly Hills. beach bag filled with fun things. fruity summery smells. cotton candy. grilled peaches w. strawberry jam & vanilla ice cream. black & white cookies. fashion shows. IECSC. aqua beaches & the sand in my toes. clear bubble umbrellas. skin care. all the seasons. happiness. manicures & pedicures. headbands. facials & massages. cupcakes. fruit salad. dancing. working out. martial arts. creating. corresponding. road trips. Hello Kitty wallets. honesty. originality. love. makeup. MAC & iMAC. laughing. luxury & sports cars. sleeping. cuddling. cleaning. Tazo passion tea. reading. marine life. pink. black. aqua. tangerine. pineapple juice. shopping. snow & fog. blogging. being organized. marketing & PR. movies. super mario 3. esthetics. junior mints. lingerie. learning. helping people. saving animals. lifelong friends. simplicity. peppermint & lavender essential oils mixed together. my childhood. life.
Favorite Movies French Kiss, While You Were Sleeping, Devil Wears Prada, Breakfast at Tiffay's, That Touch of Mink, My Blue Heaven, Planes, Trains and Automobiles, Home Alone 1 & 2
Favorite Music House
Favorite Books Health, music, beauty, travel, cooking, etc.