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Industry Arts
Occupation transgressive surrealism
Introduction I rejected the concept of "god" as an absurdity at age 7. The logical fallacies that constitute the desire to believe in that which is not, that which cannot be, and which can never be - "god" - do not become less fallacious as time progresses. However, in 2001 some intensely pious god-believers, who faithfully followed their religious doctrine committed mass murder on behalf of their fantastic delusion of god (fantastic = fantasy). Suddenly post "9/11" atheism was racism if criticism of religion included in the ambit of that criticism, criticism of the fantastic delusion of Islam. Apparently Allah, a being who exists in the fantasy of one branch of theists, is a god who though unable to exist in the realm of logic, is beyond criticism. This too was once Christianity's stance; protecting a chimera capable of being destroyed by the light of reason who needed protection from reason. Until 2001 I was an atheist with leftist inclinations. After 2001 I, as atheist, have been declared "far right" and "racist" by critiquing Islam, as if it is somehow different. The god-fantasy remains a fantasy regardless of whether the fantasy is called Allah, YHWH, Christ or Ormazd.
Interests Artist, philosophy
Favorite Movies films are entertainment, not art.
Favorite Music Pink Floyd, Joy Division, Tangerine Dream