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Introduction Dr.Cembal has almost 40 years of professional experience in Argentina and Chile.He began working in 1970 for the Argentinian Atomic Energy Commission.In 1975 he was appointed by the International Atomic Energy Agency to act as an expert in QC of radiopharmaceuticals at the Chilean Nuclear Energy Commission.For the following 10 years he worked in Chile,managing his own private clinical laboratory which specialized in hormonal analysis,mainly radioimmunoanalysis.In 1986 he returned to Argentina .At present he is the Technical Director of Diagnos Med.He is an Active Member of IVD Permanent Committee on Regulatory Standards.He is a consultant for the Radiopharmacy Chapter of the Argentine Pharmacopea and member of the Board of Directors of the Diagnostics Reagents Chamber,CAPRODI.In 2000 he created an Immunoanalysis Workshop where he has applied his experience and professional knowledge in the field of uncertainty in clinical laboratory results and in 2011 he started a workshop to discuss with other health professionals,the biochemical information contained in a clinical laboratory report.